Meet the Chair

Moving Forward with Renewed Focus

May 2013 marked a new beginning for ALS Canada and an exciting new chapter for the entire ALS community across Canada. At our Annual General Meeting on May 4, 2013, ALS Canada’s new board of directors was elected and the merging of the ALS Society of Ontario into ALS Canada was completed.

I would like to thank the members of the transition board that guided the merging of the two organizations over the past 12 months for their leadership and hard work. I would also like to extend our appreciation to Lindee David, ALS Canada’s CEO and her tremendous staff for implementing this transition and overcoming all of the challenges merging two organizations into one unified organization has presented.

Under our new structure, ALS Canada will continue to focus on funding research in order to help find a cure for ALS but we will also broaden our mandate to help ensure quality care for people with ALS and their families across Canada. We are doing this by focusing our efforts in three key areas: Cure, Care and Collaboration.

ALS Canada’s Research Council keeps ALS Canada advised on the latest ALS research discoveries around the globe and provides the board with valuable input on how ALS Canada can best advance and assist ALS research in Canada from bench to bedside. Our Research Council’s activities are central in our continuing efforts to one day find a cure for ALS.

Our Client Services Council provides oversight on our client services activities in Ontario. With ALS Canada now responsible for providing services directly to people with ALS in Ontario, our Client Services Council’s mandate is to advise the board on the status of services and other developments impacting our clients, their families, and the health care professionals they rely on throughout the province.

May 2013 also marked a heightened level of collaboration among the entire Canadian ALS community. ALS Canada’s Federation Council, representing each provincial ALS Society across Canada, worked in partnership to develop a new partnership agreement. Each provincial society, including ALS Canada, signed the agreement during a special ceremony on May 4, 2013.

By collaborating and working together, we will continue to enhance and improve both the quality of services and the quality of life for people with ALS from coast to coast to coast.

This is a very exciting time for the ALS community in Canada. I am very honored and humbled to have been asked to serve as chair of ALS Canada’s new board. Our new board of directors brings together a group of dedicated volunteers with a remarkable mix of skills, energy and experience representing every region of the country. I look forward to working with them, our committed and hardworking staff, and our exceptional volunteers to make life better for people living with ALS across Canada.


Lanny McInnes, Chair