Message from ALS Canada CEO, Tammy Moore

A year ago today, we were in Ottawa announcing the generosity of Canadians who supported ALS through the Ice Bucket Challenge, which allowed us to sign a partnership with Brain Canada for matching dollars for ALS research. 

Today, across Canada, ALS Societies and the ALS Canada Research Program in partnership with Brain Canada, will be making announcements of the final results of a year of competitions that have drawn out the most promising research in the country - a portfolio of incredible research that carries so much hope for understanding and treatment, reviewed by panels of Canadian and international experts for quality and the ability to move the field of ALS research forward. It is an incredibly exciting day for ALS in Canada. 

They will be historic commitments that far outweigh what we have been able to do in the past, and yet there will still be great research that will remain unfunded today and for tomorrow we will need to be able to support the momentum of the discoveries that will come as a result of the investments we are making. Today's announcements are still a drop in the bucket to the need that exists. 

We all look with hope for the day when ALS will be treatable, not terminal and for the people and their families living with ALS, it can't come soon enough.

Please continue to help support ALS Canada and the ALS Societies across Canada in each of the provinces. 

Tammy Moore                                                                                                                                                     CEO, ALS Canada