ALS March of Faces

How to participate in The ALS Society MARCH OF FACES

This is a tool for local awareness activities and was a 25th anniversary project of ALS Canada.

We are preparing at least one banner for each provinicial society. Each MARCH OF FACES banner contains 20 full colour portraits of people living with ALS or who have died of ALS from each province.

If you are a Canadian living with ALS or had a family member or friend with ALS, we invite you to add a portrait to our project. The provinical ALS societies will receive their banners and make them available for awareness and fundraising events.
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With two easy steps you can participate:

E-mail George Goodwin or Marv Streich, our volunteer March of Faces Co-ordinators, indicating your interest. You will then be asked to fill in a permission form and forward your portrait.

All participants and each Provincial ALS Society will receive regular updates on the development of the banners. To arrange to use a banner at a local event please contact your provincial society.

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