Host Your Own Event

Five Steps to Hold a Third-Party Event for ALS Canada

Across Canada, many individuals and organizations generously give of their time to create and host fundraising events and activities to raise money in support of ALS Canada.

Step 1 | Choose Your Event:
ALS Canada encourages people to participate in an activity of their choice or set up a fund and raise money both to help people living with ALS and to find a cure. There are many different kinds of events. You can organize a sporting event, a fundraiser in your school, or an office event.  Some choose to hold more elaborate events, but simple events like a ‘Jean Day’ can be just as effective.

Step 2 | Contact ALS Canada:
Once you have a vision for your event, or if you’re having trouble coming up with an idea but are committed to hosting an event, please contact ALS Canada so we can help you with your fundraising efforts. You can Kathryn Rodgers, Signature Events Manager, at 1-800-267-4257 x 228 or If you plan to solicit donations through an event that you are organizing, ALS Canada creates a third-party agreement which states that you are holding said event and that the funds raised will be donated to ALS Canada. The agreement states guidelines for each party (the event organizer and/or committee as well as ALS Canada staff).

Step 3 | Increasing Awareness and Event Promotion:
It is our goal to help you make your event as successful as possible by sending you awareness, education and promotional materials for distribution before and at your event. We offer a letter in support of the event to help you with your fundraising efforts. We also create a fundraising site for the event, which will help you with online fundraising. The event and fundraising site are then promoted through ALS Canada’s social media such as its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Step 4 | The Event:
If your event is in driving distance to ALS Canada, we like to come out and take part in the festivities.  We like to do a giant cheque presentation and take some photos which we will use for recognition after the event.  If you’re out-of-province or we are unable to attend, we will mail the cheque for you to do your own presentation and send us the photos.

Step 5 | Recognition after Event:
Once your event is finished, we can send thank you letters and provide recognition to any sponsors of your event. We will write a press release about the event (including your photos) and send it out to the ALS community via an e-mail blast.  We also publish the results on and post event photos on our Facebook page.

Getting Started

Want to host your own event but are having trouble getting started? Not every event has to be elaborate and time consuming. Here are some easy-to-do ideas and tips to help you plan an event:

For more information or to start planning your own event, please contact:

Kathryn Rodgers
Signature Events Manager
ALS Canada
1-800-267-4257 x 228