ALS not only takes a toll on those diagnosed with the disease, but also on family caregivers. To help alleviate the emotional and physical stress that can accompany care giving, ALS Canada offers the Caregiver Mentorship Program.

The Program aims to provide ALS caregivers with emotional and informational support through trained and experienced mentors, many of whom are former caregivers themselves. Mentors provide advice on how to navigate Ontario’s health care system, and offer encouragement and coping strategies to help caregivers manage the stresses of living with ALS. The Program started in 2006 and always welcomes new participants.

If you are a caregiver seeking a mentor, or are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Vanessa Blount at

Mentor Profile:

“The Mentorship Program’s benefits are clear…caregivers are coming into the Clinic better prepared and less stressed over the inevitable rapid and constant changes of ALS, and for mentors there is the reward of volunteering.” – Janet James, former ALS Ontario Board Member

“I chose to get involved with ALS Canada’s mentorship program because of the tremendous support I received from my mentor. I remember how lost and broken I felt at times during Regis’ illness, but after talking to my mentor, I always felt I could survive.” – Helen Melanson, former ALS Canada mentor. She lost her husband, Regis, to ALS in 2007