A community united to change ALS.

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Providing support and services for people and families living with ALS.


Funding high-quality research that offers the most promise to slow down ALS or even stop it.


Advocating for policy that will have a meaningful impact on people living with ALS today and in the future.

News and Events


2017 ALS Canada Virtual Research Forum

A free, two-day, webinar featuring world-class researchers in the field of ALS Read More



Join a powerful community of Canadians united to change ALS by participating in one of our fun, family-friendly events across Canada. Read More


A second ALS treatment, edaravone, has been newly approved in the United States

The United States Food and Drug Administration recently approved edaravone (also referred to as Radicava and Radicut) for the treatment of ALS. Read More


ALS Canada joins international ALS research collaboration Project MinE

Genetic study to answer questions about why some people develop ALS while others do not, in order to better target the disease Read More

On the blog

Q&A with Dr. David Taylor, VP, Research

This interview was originally posted on the Hitfar website in February 2017. Thank you to Hitfar for giving ALS Canada permission to re-post this content. Could... Read More

Improving community-based support for people living with ALS

As we mentioned in an earlier post, ALS Canada is in the midst of making some improvements to our service offering with the goal of... Read More

Do you use ALS Canada’s Equipment Loan Program? Improvements are coming!

In a previous post we shared that we would be implementing a series of improvements to better serve people and families living with ALS in... Read More


Watch Dr. Alex Parker’s TED Talk in Montreal to learn more about his ALS research using tiny worms! Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftbpZo5Jpwo

Just under two weeks away from the Virtual Research Forum! Click this link to register – spots are limited!

Thank you to Secura Financial for raising $6,000 in support of people living with ALS in Kingston, ON! Your support is truly appreciated.