Living with ALS

People and families affected by ALS will be faced with the challenge of adapting to a new way of life. Below are a few resources that will help you cope with the physical, emotional, financial and legal ramifications of an ALS diagnosis.

ALS Guide: A resource for people living with ALS

This comprehensive guide offers an overview of what ALS is, tips and tools for people with ALS and their caregivers, disease management and assistive equipment information, legal and financial considerations, and more.

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Coping with Grief

This resource provides information on how to deal with feelings of grief and loss following an ALS diagnosis and as the disease progresses. Grieving is a stressful process that may affect you in ways you didn’t anticipate. Gain the tools to learn how to better cope.

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Improving Quality of Life

This blog post shares some of the technologies that helped Eddy Lefrançois maintain his personality and independence while living with ALS. Please note that these are personal examples from a person living with ALS and are intended as a resource only. For more information on how to maintain quality of life, please speak with your ALS Canada Regional Manager.

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The ‘How To’ Health Guide

This manual was developed by the Health Charities Coalition of Canada to assist patients, caregivers, friends and families in understanding and navigating the Canadian healthcare system, and the actions you can take to help you receive the best possible health care.

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