Client Services Advisory Council

The Client Services Advisory Council is composed of individuals with a variety of experiences with ALS who provide input and perspectives to support ALS Canada in improving the journey of people and families living with ALS in Ontario. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Board, making recommendations for client service program delivery, community partnerships and provincial advocacy according to the strategic priorities.


Anne Marie Giannetti
ALS Canada Board member; former caregiver to a loved one with ALS

Patrick Nelson
ALS Canada Board member; Principal, Santis Health; family member of a loved one who had ALS

Ron Black
Retired from medical supply and equipment industry and Respiratory Therapist

Sheldon Crystal
Executive Director, Qualicare Vaughan

Tasneem Dharas
Operations Manager, Assistive Technology Clinic, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Vincent Quinn
Person living with ALS

Dr. Christen Shoesmith
Neurologist, London Health Sciences Centre

Jane Sosland
Care Coordinator, Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network

Dr. Michael Spivock
ALS Canada Board member

Dr. Jeff Sutherland
Retired family physician; person living with ALS

Dr. Anu Tandon
Respirologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Danielle Wells
ALS/NMC Clinical Coordinator, Assistive Technology Clinic, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Scientific and Medical Advisory Council

The Scientific and Medical Advisory Council provides strategic advice to the Board and management of ALS Canada to ensure all research activities contribute to the vision of ALS Canada, are aligned with the organization’s strategic priorities, are informed by best practices, and are carried out with integrity. The Council also facilitates collaboration within the Canadian ALS research community and supports the Canadian ALS research community’s involvement in international initiatives.


Dr. David Taylor
VP Research, ALS Canada

Dr. Christine Vande Velde, PhD
ALS Canada Board Member; Associate Professor, Université de Montréal

Dr. Heather Durham, PhD
Professor, McGill University

Dr. Angela Genge
Neurologist, Montreal Neurological Institute

Dr. François Gros-Louis, PhD
Assistant Professor, Le Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec-Université Laval

Dr. Charles Krieger, PhD
Professor, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Jasna Kriz, PhD
Assistant Professor, Unviersité Laval

Dr. Yana Yunusova, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Dr. Lorne Zinman
Associate Professor, Neurologist, University of Toronto

Revenue Advisory Council

ALS Canada’s Revenue Advisory Council (RAC) acts in an advisory capacity to the ALS Canada leadership team in developing and supporting new and existing revenue generating initiatives that will ultimately fund our charitable purpose. Reporting to the Board of Directors on ongoing initiatives and potential impact on revenue RAC members utilize and facilitate personal and professional networks to generate interest in fund development initiatives and secure leadership gifts.


Daniel Riverso
ALS Canada Board Member; Chief Investment Officer, Continuum Private Wealth Partners Inc.

Jonathan Corber
Senior Advisor, Scotiabank; former caregiver to a loved one with ALS

Carol Cottrill
ALS Canada Board member; Former Executive Director ALS New Brunswick