Payer Assistance

Funding all the treatment support options and resources that one may require in the management of their ALS can be both extensive and expensive. Support resources ranging from drug costs and assisted living equipment to home nursing support and even home modifications may be required.

Medicum Patient Assistance Program (1-866-474-5883), sponsored by the makers of Rilutek, can help and offers a free, fully confidential reimbursement assistance program to all patients with ALS who have been referred to the program by their attending physician. Medicum has been assisting patients with ALS since 2002 and offers payer access support assistance including the following:

  • Co-Pay Assistance Funding for patients who have private insurance drug benefit eligibility, but find it difficult to fund the co-payment or deductible portion of their drug costs.
  • Ontario Exceptional Access Program Assistance for helping patients and their attending specialist in completing the necessary application forms and processes involved.
  • Private Insurance Drug Benefit Eligibility Assistance to assist patients in gaining approvals for drug benefit eligibility, home nursing benefit eligibility or medical equipment eligibility from their private health plan insurer.
  • Compassionate Access Medication for patients who have been enrolled by their attending physician and who have no recognized access to either public or private drug benefit eligibility.

Should you have any questions concerning this free, fully confidential service, then call Medicum toll-free at 1-866-474-5883 or speak to your attending specialist.

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Please note: the Medicum Payer Access Assistance Program is provided by Medicum Patient Assistance Program Inc and is not a program provided directly by ALS Canada. Any inquiries about this program should be directed to Medicum at 1-866-474-5883