A Manual for People Living with ALS

The seventh edition of the Manual for People Living with ALS Manual is an excellent educational resource and tool. It helps readers to organize personal health information and stimulate discussion between patients, family members, and their health-care providers about managing ALS care and coping with an often rapidly progressive neurological condition.

Vice-president Support Services Eleanor Leggat says, “This is a comprehensive resource that reflects input from a wide variety of healthcare professionals across Canada. The review committee included three neurologists, a physiatrist, two people with ALS and current and former caregivers. We are confident that the Manual will be perceived as a valuable resource, especially for those recently diagnosed with ALS.”

What is covered in the Manual?

  • An overview of ALS, signs and symptoms, research status
  • Tips and tools for persons with ALS and family caregivers
  • Where to go for help and support (local support information can be obtained from provincial ALS Societies)
  • Disease management information about who makes up the ALS health-care team, mobility and independence, swallowing and nutrition, speech and communication, breathing and lung function, oral care, end-of-life issues, and advance-care planning
  • Assistive equipment and activities of daily living
  • Legal and financial considerations
  • Education and support resources

Functions of the On-Line Manual:

  • It is completely searchable using the binoculars on the top of your screen
  • The table of contents is linked to their appropriate page
  • Every page has a return to main menu page, which takes the back to the table of contents
  • Every web site is active, by clicking on anything that is underlined in the document it will take you to that web site.

No fee is charged for the manual when ordered by people living with ALS, their caregivers, or their healthcare providers. Libraries, schools, health-care facilities, other organizations, and interested healthcare professionals who are not currently involved in ALS care may obtain the Manual through ALS Canada for a charge of $20.00.