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A Guide to ALS Patient Care For Primary Care Physicians

If you are a family doctor or general practitioner with a patient recently diagnosed with ALS or a patient you suspect may have ALS, the new Guide to ALS Care for Primary Care Physicians is for you! To ensure the best possible quality of care, it is critical that patients with ALS have primary care physicians who are knowledgeable about their disease and who work in collaboration with an ALS specialty team. The new Guide will assist you to: 

  • recognize signs and symptoms of ALS
  • understand ALS progression, symptom management, changing patient needs, and the importance of interdisciplinary ALS care
  • help your patients and caregivers cope with living with this very complex and progressive neuromuscular disease


  • A guide to ALS patient care for primary care physicians - ENGLISH
  • Guide de suivi des patients atteints de la SLA à l'intention des médecins de premier recours - Français