Canadian ALS Research Network (CALS)

Created and operated by its physician members, the Canadian ALS Research Network (CALS) is a national alliance of leading ALS clinicians and researchers committed to the expansion of ALS clinical research studies in Canada and to the pursuit of effective therapies for patients with ALS.

The purpose of CALS is to enhance the access of clinical trials to people living with ALS across Canada. Providing a single access point to Canadian clinics for a pharmaceutical company who wishes to test their experimental therapy for ALS is more attractive than having to assess each clinic independently. In addition, it increases the likelihood that smaller centres will be able to participate in important clinical trials. For example, the Phase IIb clinical trial of the drug tirasemtiv, run by the company Cytokinetics in 2012-2014, negotiated with CALS to have 12 clinics in Canada participate.

CALS is also a valuable mechanism to setup clinical trials academically, including bringing Canadian laboratory discoveries to the clinic for human testing. As ALS Canada moves to a translational research focus, to accelerate the development of therapeutics from bench-to-bedside, CALS provides an opportunity for easy setup of multi-centre cross-Canada clinical trials of new breakthroughs here in our funded laboratories.

For more information:

Telephone: (416)480-6860