Ontario Clients

ALS Canada is directly responsible for supporting clients living with ALS in Ontario, similarly to the responsibilities that each ALS Society has in the provinces across Canada. 

We strive to address information needs of our clients, their caregivers and families, community healthcare professionals and the public about ALS and related issues through this website, our publications and newsletters.

If you are living with ALS, our team can assist in connecting you to community services and resources. ALS is an emotional and financial challenge. We help to demystify the complicated processes governing healthcare availability.

In this section, please read about the various support services ALS Canada offers including the ALS Canada Equipment Program.

We also provide a client manual that provides essential information about:

  • ALS and how it can be managed                                                                                                  
  • Information about the causes and treatment of ALS and          
  • Information on relevant health services offered by the provincial government