ALS Clinics in Ontario

Below you will find a listing of locations for all the ALS Clinics within Ontario.

If there is not a clinic location in your area, please speak with your family doctor or neurologist to obtain a referral to a clinic that accepts clients outside of their immediate area (*indicated below).


The ALS Clinic
McMaster University Medical Centre
Hamilton Health Sciences
1200 Main Street West Room 4U
Box 2000
Hamilton, ON L8N 3Z5
Tel: 905.521.2100 x76870
FAX: 905.521.2656

The ALS Clinic is a multidisciplinary centre aimed at caring for the needs of those living with ALS and their families. The centre is dedicated to conducting research to find a treatment and eventually a cure for this devastating disease.

Position Name Ext Email
Care Team:      
Neurologist & Director Dr. John Turnbull x76365
Clinic Co-ordinator Jane Allan x76870
Social Worker Maureen Hills x73257
Wheelchair/Seating Occupational Therapist Patricia Illman x40841
Respirologist Dr. John Cunningham    
Physiatrist Dr. Peter Varey    
Respiratory Coordinator Joan Martin x75232  
Respiratory Therapist Karen Carr    
Gastroenterologist Dr. Bruno Salena    
Administrative Assistant Shelley Curry x76365
AAC Technology Team:      
Occupational Therapist Kim Carey x74432
Rehabilitation Technologist James Leslie x77025



The Adult Neuromuscular Clinic
PCCC, St. Mary's of the Lake Hospital Site
Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
340 Union Street, Postal Bldg. 3600
Kingston, ON K7L 5A2
Tel: 613-544-1894
Fax: 613-544-4614

Position Name Email
Physiatrist & Team Leader Dr. Joy Wee
Physiotherapist Kevin Varette
Spiritual Care Associate Alison Filteau  
Respirologist Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick  
Respiratory Therapist Sandy Fodey  
Occupational Therapist Richard Lenart
Neurologist Dr. Michel Melanson  
Neurologist Dr. Sean Taylor  
Clinic Nurse Heather O'Meara
Speech Language Pathologist Audrey Brown
Social Worker Susan Gies
 Palliative Care Physician Dr. Ivan Stewart  

Services include multidisciplinary assessment by PTs, OTs, RTs, medical subspecialists such as neurologists, cardiologists and respirologists, speech therapists, social workers and nurses. Patients also have access to seating and an orthotics clinic.


Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences
Motor Neuron Disease Clinic
339 Windermere Road, Box 5339
London, Ontario N6A 5A5
Tel: 519-663-3597
Fax: 519-663-3609

The London Motor Neuron Diseases Clinic Team is an inter-disciplinary group of healthcare providers, who have expert knowledge about motor neuron diseases.


  • To provide expert care to patients with Motor Neuron Diseases.
  • To provide education, monitoring and timely interventions to our clients and their families.
  • To promote regular communications between the family doctor, community health care providers and the Motor Neuron Diseases Team.
  • To be involved in clinical research in Motor Neuron Diseases including clinical trials, epidemiological research, diagnostic testing, and quality-of-life evaluations.

The Team consists of the following professionals whom you see in one day:

Position Name Phone Number
Neurologist & MND Clinic Director Dr. Christen Shoesmith (519)663-3597
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Shoesmith Connie Feke (519)663-3597
Dean, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry; Professor, Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences & Neurologist Dr. Michael Strong (519)663-3874
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Strong Sherry Conrad (519)663-3874
Nurse Denise Martins (519)663-3934
Physiotherapist Dave Pflugfelder (519)663-3503
Occupational Therapist Leann Merla (519)685-8500 ext 35637
Speech Pathologists Erin Wager & Kara Vandenberghe (519)685-8500 ext.33517
Dietitian Susan Ward (519)685-8500 ext 35875
Social Worker Mikelle Meaden (519)685-8500 ext 32410
MND Research Coordinator Christine Piechowicz (519)685-8500 ext 34858
Volunteer Maxine Pulbrook-Chiu  



The Rehabilitation Centre
505 Smyth Road
Ottawa, ON K1H 8M2
Tel: 613-737-7350
Fax: 613-733-8336

Position Name Ext Email
Physiatrist Dr. Usha Buenger x75591  
Respirologist Dr. Douglas McKim x75318  
Nurse Co-ordinator Susan McNeely x75421
Physiotherapist Lorraine Papineau x75313
Occcupational Therapist Francine Olivier x75311
Social Worker Kenzie McCurdy x75439
Speech-Language Pathologist Julianne Labreche x75984
Clinical Dietitian Elaine Cawadias x75528
Respiratory Therapist   x75343  


Thunder Bay

Neurology Day Program
St. Joseph's Hospital
Main Floor, Area C
35 N. Algoma St.
PO Box 3251
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5G7

Position Name Phone Number
Program Manager Trish Nelson (807) 343-2449
Secretary Kyla Turner (807) 346-2334

The Program Team also consists of a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker, Therapeutic Recreationist, Psychologist, Speech-Language Pathologist and Rehabilitation Assistant.


(This clinic accepts clients outside of the GTA)
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
ALS/Neuromuscular Clinic
2075 Bayview Avenue, Room #UG26
Toronto, ON M4N 3M5
Tel: 416-480-4213 Administrative/Secretary or 416-480-4214 Nurse Coordinator

Position Name Email
Medical Director

Dr. Lorne Zinman

Consultant Neurologist Dr. Aaron Izenberg  
Consultant Neurologist Dr. Nicolae Petrescu  
Clinic Co-ordinator Danielle Wells
Consultant Physiatrist Dr. Deborah Rabinovitch  
Consultant Respirologist Dr. Anu Tandon  
Dietitian Nicole Shuckett
Occupational Therapist Karen Frydrych
Research Coordinator Sapna Patel
Research Coordinator Nicole Cosentino
Respiratory Therapist Jerry Hanimyan  
Research Manager Shirley Pham
Speech Language Pathologist Anna Subramaniam
Administrative Assistant/Secretary Olive Grozelle