Regional support

ALS Canada’s team of Community Leads assists people and families living with ALS in navigating their journey. Community Leads offer home visits to discuss individual and family needs, provide information and education, and assist with connecting you to other healthcare providers and community supports. They also run support groups for people living with ALS as well as caregivers.

Please note that ALS Canada Community Leads do not provide medical advice or make any referrals or recommendations related to drug therapies or alternative therapies. These questions should be discussed directly with your medical professional – ideally an ALS neurologist, who would be qualified to interpret clinical information for individual situations. Please visit our list of ALS clinics to help you to connect with a clinic in your area.

You must be registered with ALS Canada to receive support from a Community Lead and other ALS Canada services.

Where can I attend a support group?

Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19, all ALS Canada support groups are currently being held virtually. Please contact your Community Lead for more details.